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Saturday, 20 June 2009 15:50

OHS & Your Monitor

Distance – How far you sit from the monitor will depend on your vision, your age, and the size and resolution of your monitor. As a rule, it is best to move the monitor as far away as possible and increase the size of the font. Studies have found that monitor distance should be between 60 and 90 cm (24 and 36 inches).

This is why it is difficult to recommend one specific distance. A large monitor will need to be placed farther away than a small monitor. If your desk or workstation is not deep enough to give you more distance from your monitor, move the desk away from a wall and push the monitor back. If it is an L-shaped desk, place the monitor in the corner. It may be possible to add an insert to your desk to increase its depth.

Height – Your monitor should be positioned directly in front of you with the top of the screen just below eye level (10 to 15 degrees). The top of your monitor should be slightly tilted back. A common practice is to place monitors on top of the CPU; however, this usually places the monitor too high and causes neck discomfort and pain. The screen will probably need to be lower if you wear bifocals. Depending on their vision and tasks, some people have found that a second pair of glasses for computer-use only works better. Another alternative is to have the computer prescription in the upper part of the lens.

For more information, consult your optometrist.

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